Monday, May 31, 2010

Mile Marker: Week 1 Done!

Somehow, that eighteen-week training plan I so tediously described a while back in another post has taken on a less intimidating character. Oh, it still glares at me from the refrigerator door, but I have taken control. I considered using a wide-tipped Sharpie to cross out each accomplished task, but then decided I wanted to be able to see the progress.

So, I've opted for slashing Samurai-style through each block with a green highlighter while proclaiming, "Take that, Monday!" or "Hey, Thursday, you want some a' this?!" (Never mind that we're only talking a total of five minutes of jogging on each running day.)

But, Week 1 is done! Last week's lessons of perseverance and hope definitely bolstered my motivation. I am grateful to Emily Jean Thorn and Linda Ramsey Beam for that.

During Week 2, the running intervals increase to two minutes each session, while the walking intervals decrease. And, I'm going to be inspired by the stories of several courageous patients and survivors of breast cancer, whose tributes will appear here. As always, it will be my privilege to borrow their shoes.

As for my own shoes, they are officially broken in, so here's to the next mile!

* * *

Don't forget to leave a comment about a breast cancer patient or survivor you know, and describe the positive influence this person has had in your life.

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