Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Lesson in Hope -- Linda Ramsey Beam

Webster's dictionary explains that "hope" is "to desire with expectation of obtainment." Linda Ramsey Beam, like other breast cancer patients, is a living lesson of hope as she fights to be cured of her illness. Her desire to be well, and her expectation of obtaining that goal, is profoundly infectious. In fact, her friend, Heidi W., expresses she has become a "better person" as a result of Linda's influence. Linda has taught Heidi that "no matter what life throws at you," unwaivering hope is the path to overcoming adversity.

To Linda Ramsey Beam of West Virginia, who is a member of my growing list of heroes: today, I will borrow your shoes, though I cannot fill them. They will go with me as I plod, reminding me of your strength. For me, the expectation will be only to obtain footsteps; my challenge pales when I consider that for you, Linda, the expectation is about obtaining a life free from breast cancer.

So, here's to the next mile, where each stride will be fueled by Linda's Hope.


  1. Linda Ramsey BeamFriday, June 11, 2010

    Linda Ramsey Beam...thank you for your wondeful tribute..some days are better than others..BUT every day is a blessed gift. Cancer is a journey and with each step comes knowledge and strength to face what the future motto is" Supporting the Fighters..Admiring the Survivors..Honoring the Taken.. and never ever giving up Hope"

  2. It was my privilege, Linda...

    Here's to the next mile of the journey!


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