Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mile Marker: Finding Fairy Music

Monotropa Uniflora
Since I was a child, I have retreated to the woods to restore myself.  Yet, in those surroundings, I find it impossible to complete a straight run, as the distractions of numerous sights and sounds require pause and close examination.  A few days ago, an escape to the woods placed me directly in the path of an unusual "ghost plant," also known as "Indian Pipes." However, I'm convinced these names are misnomers.  This enchanting beauty seemed more like the instrument of wood fairies.  I could imagine tiny wings fluttering against the delicate white bells, luring the lilt of soft chimes to mingle high among rustling leaves, where human ears mistake the melody for bird song.

Sometimes, it's better to travel without earbuds.  It's beneficial to avoid that familiar compulsion to finish the distance at a rapid pace.   Stop to look for something splendid, something scarce.  Tip your ears to the breeze.   You just might hear the music of fairies.

Here's to the next mile!

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